Rasbhari on prime video brings back Swara Bhasker in her bold avatar

Swara Bhaskar who is known for doing bold and different characters in films and series is here with Rasbhari. Swara Bhaskar is seen in this new series called Rasbhari which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The series shows that Swara is a teacher who is teaching in a small village in Uttar Pradesh.


The series is about a small village Meerut in Uttar Pradesh where Shaanu Madam (Swara Bhaskar) teaches the English subject. A young teenager by the name of Nand played by Ayushmaan Saxena is fascinated by her beauty. Nand goes on to discover that Shaanu Madam has an alter ego called Rasbhari and it begins his quest behind her.
The series shows to press down the age old notions of patriarchy, suppression of female sexuality and the ilk. It is the story of Nand and has a beautiful way in which it is told. Rasbhari has been produced by Tanveer Bookwala for Applause. It is written by Shantanu Sristava and directed by Nikhil Bhatt.
The series is on Amazon Prime Video from the 19th of June, 2020. This is a different series just like Swara Bhaskar is known for doing different roles.
Rasbhari is a growing age series about a small town and how some boys end up living their lives just watching a girl of their dreams and never having the courage to go and ask her out. It is the true story of the small villages where people do not have the courage to approach women and women also just end up being looked at from afar. You should watch this series if you are looking for some light fun and comedy. It is a simple hearted story and will lift your spirits.

Rasbhari web Series Full Details- Cast, Release Date, Platform, New Season, Director : –

Rasbhari web Series is releasing today on Amazon Prime Video on date 25-June-2020, we would refresh you once we found any information about the next season of the series. This is a different series just like Swara Bhaskar is known for doing different roles.

Rasbhari Web Series Cast
Swara Bhaskar as Shanoo Bansal
Sunakshi Grover as Rupali
Neelu Kohli as Pushpa
Akshay Batchu as Bhalla
Akshay Suri as Vipul
Rashmi Agdekar as Priyank
Manju Sharma as Manju
Aruna Soni as Snehalata
Renu Behra as Prem
Alka Chatwal as Sushma
Karan Chabbhar as Shanoo’s Father
Ayushmaan Saxena as Nand Kishore Tyagi
Pradhuman Singh as Naveen
Chittaranjan Tripathy as Tyagi

Rasbhari web series Streaming Partner: Amazon Prime Video
Rasbhari web series Release Date: 25-June-2020
Rasbhari web series Director: Nikhil Bhat
Rasbhari web series Producers: Dheeman Agarwala, Tanveer Bookwala, Sameer Nair, Deepak Segal
Rasbhari web series Writer: Shantanu Srivastava
Rasbhari web series Music director: Pranaay

Watch Amazon Prime Video’s Rasbhari Web Series Trailer :-

Rasbhari on prime video brings back Swara Bhaskar in her old avatar

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