“Get Ready to Laugh: Bad News Comedy Hits Theaters July 19!

“Get Ready to Laugh: Bad News Comedy Hits Theaters July 19!

Director Anand Tiwari reunites with Vicky Kaushal in “Bad Newz,” blending humor with social insight as it navigates the complexities of pregnancy. Produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, expect a refreshing take on life’s twists and turns.


  • Vicky Kaushal: Lead Role
  • Triptii Dimri: Lead Role
  • Ammy Virk: Lead Role
  • Ananya Panday: Cameo Appearance
  • Neha Dhupia: Role Not Specified


Co-produced by Dharma Productions and Leo Media Collective, “Bad Newz” is penned by Ishita Moitra and Tarun Dudeja, promising a mix of love and laughter.

Release Date:

Mark your calendars for July 19, 2024, when “Bad Newz” hits theaters with its promise of laughter and heartwarming moments.


The trailer unveils Triptii’s pregnancy dilemma, setting up Vicky Kaushal’s character for a comedic and heartfelt journey

Prepare for an unforgettable ride with “Bad Newz,” where surprises and humor converge to entertain and touch hearts.

Pooja Sharma

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