“Experience the Comedy Frenzy of Wild Wild Punjab on Netflix

“Experience the Comedy Frenzy of Wild Wild Punjab on Netflix

Prepare for a hilarious journey as Netflix is set to debut its new Indian comedy, Wild Wild Punjab, tomorrow, July 10th. Made by Luv Films, this eagerly awaited film stars Varun Sharma, Patralekha, and a talented group of actors.

In Wild Wild Punjab, the story revolves around four friends who impulsively crash their ex-girlfriend’s wedding. What begins as a harmless prank quickly turns into a chaotic adventure full of laughter and surprising twists. As they navigate the wedding festivities, the friends find themselves in funny situations that test their bonds and wit.

Wild Wild Punjab promises to bring lots of laughs and entertainment, blending sharp humor with an exciting story that captures the lively essence and unique aspects of Punjab. Audiences can expect a thrilling movie experience filled with comedy, mischief, and a hint of unexpected romance. Don’t miss this lively adventure celebrating friendship, spontaneity, and the unpredictable journey of life.

Catch the breakup trip of a lifetime! Wild Wild Punjab premieres on Netflix on July 10th!


  • Varun Sharma as Khanne
  • Jassie Gill as Jainu
  • Manjot Singh as Honey Paaji
  • Sunny Singh as Arore
  • Patralekha
  • Ishita Raj


Get ready for Wild Wild Punjab, where four friends crash an ex-girlfriend’s wedding, turning a simple prank into a crazy adventure full of laughs and surprises. Experience friendship, fun, and a bit of romance in the lively setting of Punjab. #WildWildPunjab #FunWithFriends Don’t miss Wild Wild Punjab, streaming on Netflix

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