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Netflix’s controversial movie Krishna and His Leela is all about affairs.

Krishna and His Leela is the latest additional to the movies on Netflix. The movie is originally in Telegu and directed by Ravikanth Peripu, produced by Suresh Productions, Viacom 18 motion pictures and Sanjay Reddy. The main leads in the movie are Siddu Jonnalagadda who plays the role of Krishna and Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor and Shalini Vadnikatti as the women in his life. It is a romantic comedy movie and can hit a higher note with the younger audiences.

The story is told by Krishna while he is in the Himalayas and the first story starts off with his breakup when his then girlfriend moves to Bangalore for a job. He then meets another girl and starts dating her when he himself ends up moving to Bangalore for a new job. The three of them get entangled in their relationship as they are unable to understand the status of things that are happening as Satya keeps trying to hide one girl from the other. He himself gets complicated as his status with his ex-girlfriend is not clear and he begins to find himself in a fix.

The movie is fun to watch with the way the characters are placed. It is an interesting watch for the younger audiences and though the concept has been tried and tested, this story emerges as a watchable movie. The writing of the characters of the women in the life of Satya is strong and helps keep the story in place. There have been a lot of protest lately among the audience as Krishna and Leela are characters of the Hindu Mythology are being wrongly depicted in the movie. Boycott Netflix has been trending ever since this controversy has started off.

Krishna and His Leela Movie full Details- Cast, Release Date, Platform, New Season, Director :

Krishna and His Leela Movie is releasing today on Zee5 on date 25-June-2020, we would refresh you once we found any information about the next part of the Movie.

Krishna and His Leela Movie Cast
Sidhu Jonnalagadda as Krishna
Shraddha Srinath as Sathya
Seerat Kapoor as Ruksaar
Shalini Vadnikatti as Radha
Jhansi Jhansi as Geetha
Sricharan Pakala as Krishna’s Friend
Eugeni Austinova as Harsha’s Girlfriend
Viva Harsha as Harsha
Sampath Raj as Krishna’s Father
Samyuktha Hornadu as Arya
Raj Madiraju as Radha’s Father

Krishna and His Leela Movie Streaming Partner: Netflix
Krishna and His Leela Movie Release Date: 25 June-2020
Krishna and His Leela Movie Director: Ravikanth Perepu
Krishna and His Leela Movie Producers: Sanjay Reddy
Krishna and His Leela Movie Writer: Ravikanth Perepu, Sidhu Jonnalagadda
Krishna and His Leela Movie Music : Sricharan Pakala

Watch Krishna and His Leela Movie’s Trailer :

Netflix's controversial movie Krishna and His Leela is all about affairs.

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