Runaway Lugaai Review, The Latest Web Series of MX Player.

Runaway Lugaai Review, The Latest Web Series of MX Player.

The new MX Player show is a situational comedy set in the heartland of Bihar. This web series starrer with Ruhi Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Naveen Kasturia and Ravi Kishan. The series looks like an Indian take on the popular Hollywood movie Runaway Bride, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. This is comedy series on Mx Player story revolves around Bulbul who have ran away.

The Story :
Rajnikant Sinha (Rajinikanth Sinha) is the grandson of MLA Narendra Sinha who loves his grandfather a lot. And wants to live up to his grandfather’s expectations. Rajni’s grandfather also expects a lot from her. But Rajnikant does not live up to his grandfather’s expectations, so he stays the same. Life goes on like a passenger train, then there is an entry in the Runaway Lugaai web series, I am the character who comes to the house as the bride of Rajnikant. His name is Bulbul. Bulbul is an honest, sensible, There is a beautiful girl who has made the house green and has made everyone’s life in happiness.

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Runaway Lugaai Web Series full Details- Trailer, Review, Cast, Release Date, Streaming Platform(OTT), New Season, Director-
Runaway Lugaai Web Series is releasing on MX Player on date 18-May-2021. we would refresh you once we found any information about the next part of the movie.
Runaway Lugaai Cast:- 
Naveen Kasturia
Ruhi Singh  
Sanjay Mishra
Ravi Kishan 
Arya Babbar 
Pankaj Jha 
Chittaranjan Tripathy 
Kanchan Awasthi

Available Language: Hindi
Streaming Partner: MX Player
Release Date: 18-May-2021
Director: Avinash Das
Writer: Abir Sengupta
Producer: Ishwar Prajapat, Aarrav Jindal
Music: Girija Prasan Mallick
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10

Watch Runaway Lugaai Web Series Trailer Here:

Runaway Lugaai Review, The Web Series on MX Player.



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