Kaali season 2 is here to show the true love of a mother.

Kaali season 2 is here and owing to the popularity of season 1, the makers have decided to make the series in Hindi. The story is about a women who has a crippled son and struggles to make ends meet to make life good for him. Her son has been abducted by human traffickers and Kaali tries everything in her part to rescue him.

The season 2 has some news star cast like Abhishek Banerjee who is famous for his roles in many movies and films. Chandan Roy Sanyal also is part of the second season. The series is directed by Aritra Sen and produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay. Paoli Dam is the lead character of the story.

The series is a struggle of a mother and depicts how far a mother can go to save her family. She encounters gang wars, drug lords, innocent deaths, mutilation and a series of betrayals. But, she never gives up and always gives her best in everything. It is an inspiring series that you must watch to see the real strength of a woman and everything that she can do to save her family.

Kaali season 2 is here to show the true love of a mother.

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