Lupin is back with a new season to steal with style.

Lupin is back with a new season to steal with style.

When Omar Sy, the son of an immigrant from Senegal and professional thief Assane Diop decides to revenge against those responsible for the wrong framing of his father’s death, a mystery unfolds before us. While we thoroughly enjoyed season 1 of Lupin, the French mystery thriller, the makers have brought forth a new season and it has all the excitement and thrill and we cannot wait to review it.
The season 2 of the series has 5 new episodes and will definitely leave you in awe as Lupin steals your heart every time as he plans to avenge people who wrong-framed his father in a theft case. The season 2 highlights the misuse of wealth that the rich can do to get away with small loopholes and get ahead in life. As Lupin is stuck between avenging his father’s death and saving his own son from kidnappers, the story is not longer a character that Omar portrays but a real-life situation that he now has to deal with.
Season 1 was more about the character that Lupin unfolds but with season 2, the makers have gone personal and this has definitely given brownie points to this series. It has worked in its favour and the adaptation of the book is excellent with picking out parts and not going too contextual in any aspect. With this season in place, will a new season 3 happen? Well, we will have to wait to find that out.


Lupin 2 Web Series full Details- Trailer, Review, Cast, Release Date, Streaming Platform(OTT), New Season, Director-

Lupin 2 Web Series is releasing on Netflix on date 11-June-2021. we would refresh you once we found any information about the next Season of the web Series.

Title Lupin
Language French and English
Genres Suspense, Crime
Episodes 5
Running Time 40 to 50 mins
OTT Platform Netflix
Released Date 11-Jun-21
Directed By Louis Leterrier, Hugo Gélin, Ludovic Bernard, Marcela Said
Written By George Kay
Produced By Isabelle Degeorges, George Kay

Lupin Part 2 cast

Actor/Actress Name Web Series Role Play Name
Omar Sy  Assane Diop
Ludivine Sagnier  Claire
Vincent Londez  Capitaine Romain Laugier
Hervé Pierre  Hubert Pellegrini
Soufiane Guerrab  Youssef Guedira
Etan Simon  Raoul
Nicolas Wanczycki  Pascal Oblet
Shirine Boutella  Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem
Clotilde Hesme  Juliette Pellegrini
Antoine Gouy  Benjamin Ferel
Nicole Garcia  Madame Anne Pellegrini
Vincent Garanger  Gabriel Dumont
Johann Dionnet  Jeune Gabriel Dumont
Adama Niane  Leonard

Watch Lupin Part 2 trailer Here

Lupin is back with a new season to steal with style.



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